About me

Odenwald Corgis Anita Bölke
Odenwald Corgis Mörlenbach im Weschnitztal

My name is Anita Boelke, I live with my family and our Corgis in the beautiful countryside called  Odenwald, more precisely in Mörlenbach in the Weschnitztal.

I was 13 when I fell in love with the breed Welsh Corgi Pembroke and decided that someday I wanted to call a Pembroke my own. Back in 1970, in the years before Internet and Google, it was not so easy to find one of the few breeders in Germany, as the breed was as good as unknown and rarer  than rare, and so I thought that I would probably have to go to England to get to my dream dog. I would never have dreamed that it would take over 30 years to fulfill my dream and my first Corgi Ceddie moved in with us. Half a year later he was followed by Corgi Number 2, our Pippin a Fluffy, and like our Ceddie born with a Natural Bobtail.

Meanwhile, our two boys have gone over the rainbow bridge, Ceddie was 12 ½ years old and Pippin 13 ½ years old, and their successors enrich now our family life, as there are our Frenchman I'Zak, the only one of my Pembrokes  with a long tail, our bitch Mathilda, which we bought in the Netherlands, and our young male Titus, he comes from a renowned German breeding and will be our stud dog if everything fits in the future.